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Web Design

ShimpyInfotech is one of the best and top Web Design Institute in Ghaziabad which have experienced staff which teach you how to create a creative web designs. Website design means planning, creation and updating of websites. Website design also involves information architecture, website structure, user interface, navigation ergonomics, website layout, colors, contrasts, fonts and imagery (photography) as well as icons design.

Web Design Course Details

Adobe Photoshop
  1. Introduction of Stock Photography
  2. Types of image graphics
  3. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
  4. Interface Tour of Photoshop
  5. Color Modes
  6. Resolution and Presets
  7. Move Tool
  8. Marquee Tool
  9. Lasso Tool
  10. Quick Selection, Magic Wand
  11. Crop, Slicing Tool
  12. Healing Brush, Patch Tool
  13. Brush Tool
  14. History Brush
  15. Eraser Tool
  16. Pattern Stamp, Clone Stamp
  17. Gradient Tool
  18. Blur and Exposer Tool
  19. Pen Tool, Shape Tool
  20. Text Tool
  21. Other Photoshop Tools
  22. Layers, Groups and Smart Object
  23. Blending Options
  24. Filter Effects
  25. Client Requirment Analysis
  26. Realtime Website Layout Design
  27. Practical Task in Layout Design
  1. What is malkup language
  2. Basic Structure of HTML
  3. Difference between HTML and XHTML
  4. Head Section and Elements of head section
  5. Meta tags
  6. Css tags
  7. Script tag
  8. Table tag
  9. Div tag
  10. Header tags
  11. Paragraph, Span, Pre tags
  12. Anchor links and Named Anchors
  13. Image tag
  14. Object tag
  15. Iframe tag
  16. Forms
  17. Forms tag
  18. Attributes of form
  19. Post and Get Method
  20. Fieldset and Legend
  21. Text input, Text area
  22. Checkbox and Radio button
  23. Dropdown
  24. File Upload and Hidden fields
  25. Submit, Image, Normal, Reset Button
  26. Creating a Live Website Form
  27. HTML Validators
Adobe Dreamwever
  1. Introduction to Adobe Dreamwever
  2. Dreamwever interface basics
  3. Defining a Dreamwever Site
  4. Insrt Toolbar
  5. Common Tools
  6. Layout Tools
  7. Forms Tool
  8. Spray Tools
  9. Properties Panel
  10. Using Snippets panel
  11. Dreamwever extensions
  12. Template design in DW
  13. Editable and Non-editable regions
  14. Defining the DWT for project
  15. Creating sub pages for product
  1. Introduction to cascading style sheets
  2. Types of CSS
  3. Universal Selector
  4. Id Selector
  5. Tag Selector
  6. Class Selector
  7. Sub Selector
  8. Child Combinatory Selector
  9. Adjacent Sibling Selector
  10. Attribute Selector
  11. Group Selector
  12. Attribute Selector
  13. Group Selector
  14. First line and First letter selector
  15. Before and After selector
  16. CSS Properties
  17. Background Properties
  18. Block Properties
  19. Box Properties
  20. List Properties
  21. Border Properties
  22. Positioning Properties
  23. Conversion of table to CSS layout
  24. CSS Menu design
  25. Form Designing


Writing Your First JavaScript Program
  1. Introducing Programming
  2. How to Add JavaScript to a Page
  3. Your First JavaScript Program
  4. Writing Text on a Web Page
  5. Attaching an External JavaScript File
  6. Tracking Down Errors
The Grammar of JavaScript
  1. Statements
  2. Commands
  3. Types of Data
  4. Variables
  5. Working with Data Types and Variables
  6. Tutorial: Using Variables to Create Messages
  7. Tutorial: Asking for Information
  8. Arrays
  9. Tutorial: Writing to a Web Page Using Arrays
Adding Logic and Control to Your Program
  1. Making Programs React Intelligently
  2. Tutorial: Using Conditional Statements
  3. Handling Repetitive Tasks with Loops
  4. Functions: Turn Useful Code Into Reusable Commands
Action/Reaction: Making Pages Come Alive with Events
  1. What Are Events?
  2. Using Events with Functions
  3. Tutorial: Highlighting Table Rows
  4. More jQuery Event Concepts
  5. Advanced Event Management
  6. Tutorial: A One-Page FAQ


Getting Started with jQuery
  1. Downloading and use jQuery
  2. Syntax overview
  3. Understanding jQuery chaining
  4. Anatomy of a jQuery Script
  5. Creating your first script
Selecting, Decorating and Enhancing
  1. Using basic jQuery filters
  2. Using basic jQuery attrbute filters
  3. Child, content and visibility filters
  4. Traversing document content
  5. Setting CSS Properties
  6. Adding CSS classes
Manipulating Content
  1. Creating, Setting and Getting Content
  2. Manipulation of Attributes
  3. Inserting Content
  4. Working with CSS Information
Animation Effects
  1. jQuery Event Object
  2. Binding events
  3. Effect functions: animate(), click(), hover(), toggle()
  4. Creating a simple image slideshow
  5. Using Plugins: Tabs, Panels and Panes examples
  6. Using jQuery for Form Validation

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