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PHP is a most demanded language in IT sector. PHP is a general-purpose language that is especially suited to server-side web development, in which case PHP generally runs on web server. Any PHPcode in requested file is executed by the PHP runtime, usually to create dynamic web page content or dynamic images used on websites

PHP Course Details

  1. The Origin of PHP
  2. PHP is better than Its alternatives
  3. Interfaces to External systems
  4. Hardware and Software requirements
  5. What a PHP Script Looks Likec
  6. Web Designing Basics and WYSIWYG Editor
  7. Receiving User Input
  8. Repeating Code
Basic PHP Development
  1. How PHP scripts work
  2. Basic PHP syntax
  3. PHP data types
  4. Google Caffeine
  5. displaying type information
  6. Testing for a specific data type
  7. Changing type with Set type
  8. Operators
  9. Variable manipulation
  10. Dynamic variables
  11. Static vs. Dynamic Optimization
  12. Analytics, Analysis and ROI Concept
String Manipulation
  1. Formatting String for Presentation
  2. Formatting String for Storage
  3. Joining and Splitting String
  4. Comparing String
  5. Matching and replace Substring
Matching and replace Substring
  1. If(), else if() and else if condition Statement
  2. The switch statement
  3. Using the ? operator
  4. Using the while() Loop
  5. The do while statement
  6. Using the for() Loop
  7. Breaking out of loops
  8. Nesting loops
  9. Summary
  1. What a function
  2. Creating a function
  3. Returning value from function
  4. User-defined functions
  5. Dynamic function calls
  6. Variable scope
  7. Accessing variable with the global statement
  8. Function calls with the static statement
  9. Setting default values for arguments
  10. Passing arguments to a function by value
  11. Passing arguments to a function by reference
  12. Testing for function existence Arrays
  13. Single-Dimensional Arrays
  14. Multidimensional Arrays
  15. Associative arrays
  16. Accessing arrays
  17. Getting the size of an array
  18. Looping through an array
  19. Looping through an associative array
  20. Examining arrays
  21. merging arrays
  22. Sorting arrays
  23. Sorting an associative arrays
Working With The File System
  1. Creating and deleting a file
  2. Reading and writing text files
  3. Working with directories in PHP
  4. Checking for existence of file
  5. Determining file size
  6. Opening a file for writing, reading, or appending
  7. Writing Data to the file
  8. Reading characters
Working With Forms
  1. Forms
  2. Super global variables
  3. Super global array
  4. A script to acquire user input
  5. Importing user input
  6. Accessing user input
  7. Combine HTML and PHP code
  8. Using hidden fields
  9. Redirecting the user
  10. File upload and scripts
  11. Delete a File
Working With Regular Expressions
  1. The basic regular expressions
  2. Matching patterns
  3. Finding matches
  4. Replace patterns
Classes And Objects
  1. Object oriented concepts
  2. Define a class
  3. Class attributes
  4. An Object
  5. Creating an object
  6. Object properties
  7. Object methods
  8. Object constructors and destructors
  9. Class constants
  10. Static method
  11. Class inheritance
  12. Abstract classes
  13. Final keyword
  14. Implementing Interface
  15. Object serialization
  16. Understanding Advance and New
  17. Checking for class and method existence
  18. Iterators
Introduction To Database
  1. What is RDBMS technology?
  2. Introduction to SQL
  3. Connecting to the MYSQL
  4. Selecting a database
  5. Adding data to a table
  6. Displaying returned data on Web pages
  7. Finding the number of rows
  8. Looping through database
  9. Inserting data
  10. Deleting data
  11. Entering and updating data
  12. Executing multiple queries
  13. Understanding Primary and Foreign Keys
  14. Understanding Database Normalization
  15. Dealing with Dates and Times
  1. What is a Cookie?
  2. Setting time in a cookie with PHP
  3. Deleting a cookie
  4. Creating session cookie
  5. Working with the query string
  1. what is session?
  2. Starting a session
  3. Registering Session variables
  4. working with session variables
  5. destroying session
  6. passing session Ids
  7. encoding and decoding session variables
  8. How to increase session expire time
  9. How to work session without cookie?
Advance PHP techniques
  1. Introduction about FTP/SMTP server
  2. Math functions
  3. File upload
  4. File Download
  5. E-mail with PHP
  6. PHP configuration file
  7. Error tacking and debugging
JavaScript (Jquery)
  1. Introduction to JavaScript
  2. Form validation using JavaScript
  3. Email validation using JavaScript
  4. Jquery
  1. Introduction to XML and its use.
AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
  1. Introduction to AJAX
  2. Introduction to XMLHttpRequest Object
  3. Method and Properties of XMLHttpRequest
  4. Application of AJAX in web application
FrameWork, CMS
  1. Basic Concepts of FrameWork (CAKE PHP, CodeIgniter)
  2. Basic Concept of CMS (Wordpress, Magento, Joomla)
PHP Project
  1. Project Discussion
  2. Requirements analysis of Project

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